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Get yourself on the path to success
Strategize. Organize. Globalize.


The Kingz of Credit was established in 2021 with over a 1,000 men in the State of Florida.  Our Kingz are comprised of young energetic men looking to become entreprenuers and build generation wealth.  The Kingz of Credit utilizes the latest technology ensuring fast, accurate service for our customers.


The Vision of The Kingz of Credit is to teach financial literacy and help any man wishing to be a KING generate financial wealth.


This will empower them to support their families and live the lives they desire to live.


  • Credit Restoration

  • Corporate Development

  • Budgeting

  • ​Credit Builder

  • Credit Attorney

  • Credit Monitoring

  • ​Identity Monitoring

  • ​Life Insurance

  • ​Financial Lockbox

  • ​Discover Your Net Worth

  • Savings Goals

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